Rehabilitation of the Bani Al-Adabi well

: Within the activities of the Health and Environmental Sanitation Project, and in the presence of
 . Secretary General of Abes Development Organization
 . a member of the local council Sheikh / Hamdi Thawab
. a member of the local council Sheikh / Yahya Effendi
. a the environmental sanitation officer of the project. Ahmed al-Shammari
. the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Ms. Siham Abbas.
On Sunday, 31 December 2017, the Organization of the Development of Women and Children (ADO) launched a project to rehabilitate the Bani Asebi water well and operate it with the modern solar energy system, one of the largest projects implemented in such areas. , And was previously suffering from poor access to water coupled with extreme ignorance, which does not lag completely from the poverty of the extreme region also, and considered that the organization begin to rehabilitate the well of the member, who stopped working for many years and worked for a whole year to complete this project, which benefits Of which about 8420 daily , The size of the total up to 97,000 liters per day

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