In its role of Education and Literacy Program, the vision of the organization is support and assistance to the efforts of Ministry Education in implementing the national strategy to develop elementary education, as well as literacy strategy and millennium developmental goals that were announced in regards to provision of education for all.

This kind of education is taken a high attention by Abs Organization through supporting of several activities in infrastructure and capacity building. It seeks to expand the capacity range, develop and update trainings' programs, curricula, and evidences. This program has been working in tightly combination with Literacy and Adult Education System and its offices in the governorate.

Training has being continued in advanced sewing field and handicrafts in eight villages of Abs District. Project of health and environmental awareness also has being implemented for teachers and students in literacy and adult education's classes.

In this year, 55 literacy centers were opened and 90 literacy facilitators were trained on Reflect Methodology. The number of beneficiaries have reached to 1500 of women.

  1. The facilitators were supported with education accessories, such as educational means, boards and facilitator's guidebooks.
  2. Follow up the classes and outputs of teaching Reflect Methodology.
  3. Literacy managers have been trained on ReflectMethodology.



consist  of :-

No. Project Name
1 Literacy Program
2 Improve Basic Education Program
3 Childern Care Program

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