Improve the health status of women and children

General Program Goals:

  • Participate in decreasing the maternal and child mortality rates.
  • Participate in decreasing malnutrition in children.

Program Objectives:

  • The health program objectives are to participate in:
  • Increasing the number of women who attend antenatal care.
  • Increasing the use of family planning methods.
  • Increasing the number of births attended by professional health care providers.
  • Improving health care service provision by offering training/capacity building for para-professional health care providers.
  • Decreasing Qat use and smoking (tobacco) among pregnant and lactating women.
  • Increasing the number of women utilizing proper methods early detection of breast (and cervical) cancer.
  • Decreasing the rates of transfer/incidence of communicable diseases (HIV, malaria, hepatitis, tuberculosis, etc.) through preventative approach.
  • Increasing awareness of proper nutrition for women and children.

Advocating for health and safety rights of women and children. Promoting environment awareness through supporting water safety and general health related issues

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