Success Story Jarada and her friends


Success Story Jarada and her friends Jarada and her friends live in Al-Manjura and Al-Mehsan camps in Abs district of Hajjah Province. Conflict was in additional suffering that cast its shadows upon the girls lives. As a result of shouldering responsibility and burdens of life in their childhood, caused by early marriage, they were deprived of their childhood, parents’ affection and education. Within the frame of Child Protection During Emergencies Project, the Early Marriage Program – economic training courses (Sewing and tailoring – Hairstyling – making incense) held by Abs Development for Women and Children and funded by UNICEF, girls that were included in the field survey by the volunteer team of ADO organization were included in the Sewing and Tailoring course based on their expressed desire.

The first training day was in February 21, 2017, the trainees knew nothing about the sewing machines except their names. However, motivated by suffering, the cruelty of life, and with the desire to prove themselves and gain life skills that could ensure them a dignified life they persevered. Everyone consolidated their efforts to remove obstacles and paint a smile on the girls faces. Training materials were provided, the place was readied and transportation was secured.

A highly skilled and capable team of trainers was recruited to ensure the efficiency of training which continued on a daily bases starting from introducing the girls to the sewing machines and ended with skilled and capable trainees.

On March 19, Al-Methaq School administration, in Shafar sub-district in Abs district, visited the workshop and was surprised by the girls’ talents and the program’s outputs and offered the girls to make school jackets for the school as their first paid job. The girls accepted the offer and made 23 jackets for Al-Methaq School.

The girls were ecstatic for achieving some of their dreams.