Young man Ahmad Saif Mohammed


Death comes suddenly, without a warning and without differentiating between Young and old.

This is the wisdom that young man Ahmad Saif Mohammed have gained after being infected with cholera.

Ahmad is the sole provider for his family. He wakes up very early to make a living and returns to his family with their basic needs.   

Ahmad lives in Al-Qanawes, the area which suffers a lot due to poverty. His family, is just one out of thousands that live in this area where poverty and disease are spread as a natural results of the ignorance spread inside it.

Ahmad thinks a lot about turning his life and his family's life around, he tries more and more each time.

One day, he was working and thinking in the same time, he was thinking about all his concerns and all his ambitions, cholera struck him and fiercely ended his life in a painful way.

Ahmad's body is demanding water, he feels great thirst, he drinks water, and he feels his guts are about to escape his body through his mouth.

Ahmad rushes to the bathroom, bewildered by what has hit his body all of a sudden, severe diarrhea and vomiting in the same time, extreme fatigue that mad the man unable leave the bathroom.

Ahmad realized he is suffering from a disease that is trying to kill him, his life flashes before his eyes and he wondered silently am I about to die?

It was all too overwhelming, the pain he felt in those moments, the fatigue that suddenly had befallen him all these emotions had made him arrive to one conclusion, Ahmad is about to die.

My family … My relatives … those who are waiting for me to feed them … what will become of them?

This was the only thing on Ahmad's mind when he was contemplating his possible demise, all of a sudden it was over for Ahmad, he passed out and fell silently.

His coworkers noticed his absence, they asked about him, searched for him diligently, they realized he was in the bathroom.

Why is late in there? It is not like him to be late. They knocked on the door over and over but no one was answering, they finally decided to enter the bathroom only to find Ahmad passed out on the floor.

They quickly realized it was cholera, after all it was the only disease capable of doing this to a man. They carried him to the health center of Abs organization in the area to save his life before cholera kills him.

They finally arrived at the only health center in the area which is managed by Abs Organization, the doctors and nurses received Ahmad and measured his vital signs. After conducting the necessary lab tests the doctors realized it was cholera that attacked Ahmad. After that they attempted all life-saving procedures IV fluids injection to compensate for his loss of fluids in addition to other medicines that would help in resuscitating him and bring him back to his normal self.

After all the procedures performed by the doctors and nurses, life was returning to Ahmad and the dangers of cholera were now over. Ahmad regained consciousness and realized that God had given him another chance at life through the work of the health center of Abs organization.

The doctors reexamined Ahmad again and to make sure that the danger of cholera was now over, and indeed it was.

Finally, the medical staff gave Ahmad information about the dangers and symptoms of cholera in order to watch out for his family and relatives emphasizing the importance of quickly rushing the patient to the health center.