program improves access to clean and safe drinking water in the targeted areas, rehabilitation of wells where It has implemented 5600 latrines till now and promotes personal hygiene by distributing hygiene kits, and hygiene promotion campaigns.


To provide sustainable development facilities to supply the population with water through digging/ constructing/rehabilitating water sources and enhancing sanitation services. It also aims to prevent the widespread of epidemics and improve the health conditions by improving people’s access to clean water, latrines, and hygiene kits


    • Rehabilitation of wells.
    • Building latrines.
    • Distribute hygiene kits.
    • Conduct hygiene promotion awareness campaigns.

Building latrines

ADO has built 5,600 latrines for the displaced in the hosting sites so far. These latrines were built to protect the dignity of the IDPs. ADO has also rehabilitated the sanitation service in those areas to avoid any environmental disasters including a new outbreak of cholera.

Rehabilitating wells

Rehabilitating wells is one of the most important measures that have been taken to mitigate and eliminate the spread of cholera as it increases people’s access to clean water in sufficient quantity, especially for those in the most affected areas


ADO main focus, in the areas of its interventions, is on largely promoting hygiene sensitizing activities by instilling the principle of hygiene in the minds of the beneficiaries while distributing hygiene kits. Therefore, ADO dual role is being achieved; beneficiaries are provided with the hygiene kits, and become aware of how the water is purified in practice so that they would apply the same at home


400 latrines

Construction of 400 latrines

2017 - 2018
Hajjah and Al Hudaidah

Emergency health and WASH response for vulnerable population in Hajjah and Al Hudaidah; Funded by UNOCHA/ YHF

2017 - 2018
Abs and Hayran

Integrated health, WASH and shelter response for vulnerable IDPs in Hajjah (Abs and Hayran); Funded by UNOCHA/YHF

Abs districts

Emergency WASH response for the new IDPs in Hajjah (Abs districts) Paramater3; Funded by UNOCHA/ YHF

Al Malakha site

WASH services for most vulnerable people in Hajjah ( Al Malakha site, Abs district); Funded by the DKH

Humanitarian response

Humanitarian response for displaced and conflict affected host communities in Hajjah; Funded by the DKH

Emergency WASH intervention

Emergency WASH intervention for internal displaced families in Yemen, Hajjah; Funded by the DKH