Abs organization succeeds in stopping the marriage of a minor

The emergency child protection project of the Abs Development Organization for Women and Children, funded by UNICEF, responded to the call of the nine-year-old girl, Najah, after her poor and destitute family almost married her off to get money and meet her needs. Their child got married early, and the team discovered that the reasons are due to the poverty of this family and the lack of sufficient means to meet their needs..The team affiliated with the Abs organization, based on the responsibility of the organization, provided the necessary assistance, including food and shelter. It also implemented psychological support sessions for the girl and her parents, and enlightened them of the dangers and negative effects that ensue. On their feet to marry off their child at this age..The organization also attached the child Najah to the area of Al-Khadeesh near her..The ABS organization succeeded in stopping the early marriage of the girl and is still following her case until now..The ABS organization, represented by the head of the organization, Dr. Aisha Thawab, confirms its continuation to provide Various assistance to reduce and eliminate this negative phenomenon, through the organization's project represented by the child protection project in emergencies .