Conclusion of the peer intellectuals session

Abs Development Organization for woman and child (ADO), within the Safe Age Program for Marriage, within the framework of the Child Protection in Emergency Project, funded by UNICEF, concluded a training course on peer education (a child-to-child methodology) on the dangers of child marriage and life skills in the districts of Al-Muftah and Al-Zahra, which included both from the first and second stages, 50 participants in each directorate. The participants received knowledge and skills about the dangers of child marriage, its causes and motives, health protection messages to reduce it, principles of child protection in emergencies, and life skills such as communication, self-esteem skills, and respect for differences in viewpoints. It should be noted that the course was launched in the Al-Lahya district, and it will be launched in the rest of the (Khairan) district in the coming days.