The conclusion of the training course for the medical team

Today, at the headquarters of the Abs Development Organization for Woman and Child in Sana’a, the activities of the training course for the medical team within the Health and Environmental Sanitation Project in Al Hudaydah Governorate, the two districts (Al-Qanaws and Al-Tahita) were concluded, funded by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen (OCHA), where a set of special training activities were conducted. The tasks of each team, and the trained team includes (a doctor, a nurse, a laboratory, a midwife, and a mother in medical stores). Each group was trained according to its specialization in the available fields, and how to work on field questionnaires, whether diagnostic, laboratory or therapeutic. It is worth noting that the training allowed the trainees to know the applicability of this project and the requirements of the community in the areas of Al-Qanaws and Al-Tuhayat. At the end of the training, Dr. Aisha Thawab, the head of the organization, emphasized the role assigned to them and its importance to what society needs and reaches the largest beneficiary segment.