The opening workshop for the health and environmental health project

International Women’s Day deserves to be celebrated. She is the mother who prepared a generation with good morals and great aspirations, and she is the university of life in beginnings, endings, and the scent of memories. She is the sister, the owner of a message that has been inherited from generation to generation and woven threads of loyalty for the future. She is the grandmother, who instilled a smile and hope in the earth and created a lacy heritage that is one of the titles of historical and civilizational existence for generations that have been handed down through the ages, and it has remained one of the most important pillars of the development and urbanization of societies. She is the beloved wife, mistress, and friend who will remain forever, the companion of life, and her ever-renewing fragrance in the eternity of space. It is the soul and the spirit of life emitted in the space of the universe, the incubator of the eternal human message and the permissibility of its passage to glory with a smile, confidence, and renewed hope full of life. She is the woman on her feast day, moving forward with confident steps, not looking back at all, but advancing worthy forward, to abandon all the pagans and false beliefs attached to her over the years, and the restrictions imposed on her and the pre-Islamic fanaticism, believing in her rights that she preserved for her. All the heavenly laws, armed with all the strength, knowledge, and knowledge given to the front without retreat, are guided by hope. Today, we see the impact of her active participation in our lives on various levels and forms, and her great contributions to the process of human, cultural, economic, scientific, and creative renaissance, in which women had an important and prominent role that cannot be ignored, in addition to the innovations they made that developed with their ways of life. With all due respect, we say to all women on this day, thank you, and may you be well every year. Abs Development Organization for Women and Children.