Dalal Back from the mortality’s edge

With each passing day, six-month-old Dalal's health deteriorated as she battled diarrhea and a fever. Thankfully, Huda Mohammed - the CHV screening cases at the time - spotted that something was seriously wrong with little Dalal who was suffering from SAM with complications. This happened on April 4th, 2022 when her MUAC measured only 10.5! Despite being aware of a healthcare facility offering free treatment in town, Dalal's mother could not afford to transfer her daughter there for care. Heartbreakingly watching her baby girl fade away before their eyes over three agonizing days until they finally rushed to Al Qanawis Health Center fearing it might be too late already for them to save little Dalal. Upon arrival at the therapeutic feeding center (TFC), however, experts immediately attended to critical-care needs resulting in much-needed recovery after receiving compassionate medical attention from an experienced team of professionals committed towards making sure every patient receives all necessary aid without fail.
With diligent monitoring and treatment over a period of four days, Dalal's condition underwent a significant improvement. Upon being discharged from the healthcare facility, she was advised to attend outpatient clinic sessions at the same location in order to continue her nutritional regime as well as closely monitor her weight for continued recovery. Huda Mohammed, ADO CHV, monitored Dalal's nutritional state with unwavering dedication until it finally stabilized and upgraded to MAM level. Seeing her daughter make progress towards full health left Dalal’s mother brimming with happiness while also benefitting from educational sessions on personal hygiene and proper feeding practices for infants and young children alike. On April 12th 2023, after meeting all targets required by her doctors’ instructions; Dalal reached complete recuperation - an incredible feat indeed!