Fatema and the Long Way to Recovery

        Fatema is an 8-month-old girl, who was born into a poor family which consists of 8 members. The whole family lives in a room that is not qualified for a normal life. Extreme family deprivation and poor hygiene have led to worsening of the condition of the newborn child. Fatema’s mother used all the primitive methods to treat her eight-month-old daughter, who had a severe fever, diarrhea, and lack of appetite, but her health was still worsening.
Fortunately, ADO’s CHV, Dhaeefah Shrouf, was screening the village when Fatema’s mother carried her child and was on the way to the health facility, in a final attempt to save the life of her daughter, who was not  leaving her lap day and night. “At first, Fatema suffered from loss of appetite and a fever followed by weaknessnand wasting, and we did not know what her illness is or where to go.”, the mother stated. 

Fatema was admitted to the HF on 27 April, 2022 and the family was in a state of anxiety, and fear for their daughter (Fatema) whose health condition deteriorated. Anthropometricn measurements were taken and it was found that she was suffering from severe acute malnutrition with complications of fever, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. Fatema’s  ous supervision at Al Mighlaf HC. Previously, she weighed only 3.7k and after receiving treatment and proper nutrition, the smile returned to her face. After all, she overcame the symptoms of malnutrition and raised her weight to the normal level (5.3k), and referred from SAM to MAM Treatment. “I did not feel as happy in my life as I did when my daughter started smiling and trying to sit and move, after months of treatment.” Fatema’s mother concluded.