Hamim Saved from Inevitable Death

            For more than six months, Hamim’s mother has been trying hard to provide health care for her eight-monthold daughter, who has been suffering from malnutrition for a long time, which is getting worse day by day. The difficult situation of the household and its lack of access to the neer HF and the fact that the head of the household had to go to a remote area to earn a living and work to provide some expenses that provide them with access to the HF exacerbated the severity of the suffering.15 days since the complications of malnutrition began  to appear on the child, Hamim, Her mother is trying hard to provide the necessary care using the traditional methods. Hamim’s mother said that she had completely lost hope for her daughter’s recovery, and that what prompted her to continue providing care was that she could not see her daughter losing her life before her eyes while could not do nothing. The poor mother suffered two terrible situations: the absence of her husband and the illness of her daughter. in 1 July, 2022, the daughter’s father returned home, and he got some money to enable them to take their daughter to the Al-Jilani HF. When the Hamim’s household arrived at the HF, they were showing signs of fear, anxiety, and lack of hope. Hameem passed away consciously, but her heart was still beating, as she was suffering from fever and loss of appetite, and there was only a short time left until she  lost her life. The health worker did the nutritional examinations for Hamim ,at the same time he was reassuring Hamim’s parents. Where the mid-arm measurements were 12 cm. This means that Hamim was suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM).