Mohammed- Another Child was Saved

Under the project “Provision of Nutrition Assistance to the Affected Communities from Children and Pregnant Women” which is provided and funded by the World Food Program (WFP), while Abs Development Organization for Woman and Child (ADO) was actively implementing the screening and referral activities for September cycle- 2021 in Al-Kuleyah village in Qanawes district of Al-Hodeidah Governorate through the community health volunteers (CHVs), Mohammed Ashhar, the poor 6-month-old SAM detected case MUAC was 10 Cm. so he was referred to Al-Kuleyah HU.
Mohammed’s family continued to receive the necessary therapeutic nutrition during the treatment period for the child to save his life.
In just a few months, Mohammad was in the right track leading for his speedy when he continued his treatment at home. Aisha Gilan – ADO CHV was constantly following up on his condition through her home-to-home visits until Mohammed’s MUAC registered 13Cm. at the last visit dated on 22 July 2022.
ADO team was so happy to see Mohammed’s life saved and celebrated its success in putting back a smile on his family.

Detection Date: 25 Sep 2021