Woman dignity saved

         The people who are impoverished always pay the price of conflicts. This article tells the story of Fatima in Khairan district. “I was feeling safe and going to latrine every time without exposing my life to danger”, Fatima said, describing her situation before she was displaced to Khairan. The escalation of conflict has caused concern for the poor and marginalized women who have paid the price of war, that they have no part in, but deeply affected by due to where they live… The escalated clashes have threatened their lives with danger that forced them to flee their families to Khiran district for safety, with hundreds of other families.
However, their lives faced new risks and dangers, in crowded conditions, with scarce latrines. This created a catastrophic tragedy when the marginalized women are forced to resist their need of urine until night to do it in the open. Fatima Hassan Ali Muhammad is a widow with two children living in Khairan district where many basic services are missing. Fatima suffered due to the lack of latrines and built a mud latrine by herself that was used for washing, however this was destroyed by heavy rain. Fatima explained her suffering and said she “waited for the night and went to defecate in the open”. She was stung by a scorpion on the way to defecate at night and suffered from infection because of urine retention from morning to night. To alleviate the suffering of IDPs especially women, ADO has provided 1000 latrines funded by DKH in Abs and Khairan districts for 1000 families including Fatima, who felt happy and comfortable now and thanked ADO and DKH for providing her a latrine that protects her privacy and makes her safe from any animal attack