Statement of solidarity of Yemeni organizations with the rights of the Palestinian people

Statement of solidarity of Yemeni organizations  with the rights of the Palestinian people and condemnation and denunciation  of the violations they are subjected to by the Zionist occupation.

We, the Yemeni humanitarian organizations, express our deep denunciation and strong condemnation of the unjust war to which the Palestinian people are subjected by the Zionists.

We call on the world to oblige the Zionists to respect human rights laws, international humanitarian law and the First, Second, Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions and their annexes, and to stand together to protect unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip.

We strongly condemn the use of excessive force and unjustified violence by the occupying Zionists, which cause thousands of innocent victims, mostly children, women and the elderly. The right of Palestinians to live in peace must be protected and respected under international law.

We stress that the cutting off food, medicine, water, electricity and all the sources of life for the Gaza Strip is a flagrant violation of international law and United Nations resolutions and is a war crime.

The United Nations bears full responsibility for the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza. The United Nations and its agencies as well as international organizations must act immediately to provide relief to civilians and provide all necessary medicine, food, water, clothing, bread and shelter in such a war.

We call on the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent to act and be present on the ground.

We call on Arab and Islamic organizations to stand together and help the civilians in Gaza.

We also call for the opening of urgent humanitarian corridors for the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza Strip.

We also call on the free world and the United Nations, represented by the Security Council and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to take responsibility for the immoral and inhumane catastrophe in Gaza, to stand up to the Zionist aggressors, to stop the war immediately and to address its effects.

We, the humanitarian organizations in Yemen, call on all those who are able, businessmen, civil society organizations and the government to support the afflicted people of Palestine and provide a helping hand.

We express our deep concern at the suffocating siege imposed by the Zionist state on the Gaza Strip as well as the restriction of freedom of movement in the West Bank.

We call on the international community to promote human rights, justice and peace in the region.

We call for the need to reach a just and comprehensive political solution that guarantees the rights of the Palestinians to establish their independent State with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital.


  1. Abs Development Organization for Woman & Child (ADO).
  2. Abyan Youth Foundation.
  3. Enqath Foundation For Development (EFD)
  4. Rawahil Development Foundation (RFD).
  5. Tomorrow Foundation for sustainable and humanitarian relief.
  6. Qiam Relief and Development Foundation QRD
  7. Children Protection and Care Organization (CPCO).
  8. Woman for Peace and Development Organization
  9. Rahma Humanitarian Foundation
  10. Ola Al-Majd for Development.
  11. Sana’a Coalition for Relief and Development SCRD
  12. Tafani Organization for Development
  13. SalamYemen Foundation for Relief and Development
  14. The Coalition of Humanitarian Relief CHR
  15. Child Home Organization (Home for the Homeless)
  16. Humanitarian Work Library – Yemen.
  17. Kuaidna Political Intellectual Forum
  18. Fanar Aden Foundation for Humanitarian Works.
  19. Hemmat Shabab Foundation for Development.
  20. Al-Amal Development Association – Shabwa
  21. Al-Ebda’ Assembly for Women Development
  22. White Hands Association Women Development Charity.
  23. Weaam Empowerment Foundation.
  24. Khadija Development Foundation.
  25. Arab Human Rights Foundation.
  26. Nedaa Foundation for Development
  27. Yemen International Agency for Development.
  28. Al-Akhar Peace and Development Centre
  29. For Human Development Association
  30. Basamat Development Foundation.
  31. Hayat Youth Group
  32. Twasul Foundation For Human Development.
  33. Nahr Al-Ataa Development Foundation.
  34. AFAQ Humanitarian Relief Organization
  35. Emkan Foundation for Development and Entrepreneurship
  36. Muzun Charity Foundation
  37. Al-Zahra Development Foundation (ZDF).
  38. Yemeni National Midwives Association
  39. Al-Khair Foundation for Development
  40. Democracy School.
  41. Relief & Development Peer Foundation – RDP
  42. Best Future Foundation
  43. I am for my country foundation.
  44. Tamdeen Youth Foundation.
  45. Social Development Hodeidah Girls Foundation SDHGF
  46. Steps Foundation for Civil Development.
  47. Nahda Makers Organization –NMO
  48. Yanabe’ Al Khair Charity Foundation (YKF).
  49. National Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response NFDHR
  50. Life Makers Meeting Place Organization LMMPO.
  51. Rofaqa for Human Development (RHD).
  52. Al-Samoud Foundation for Rehabilitation and Development
  53. Ramz Development Foundation.
  54. Medical Mercy Foundation MMF.
  55. Amal Organization for Relief and Development.
  56. Al-Hikma Al-Yamani Charitable Society, Aden Branch
  57. Coordination Body for Yemeni NGOs for Child Rights
  58. SOS Foundation For Development
  59. Assistance for Response and Development.
  60. Forcibly Displaced Foundation for Development and Rights
  61. Hayat e FAO Organization
  62. Qiam Voluntary Team QVT
  63. Society for Humanitarian Solidarity SHS.
  64. Gusoor Organization for Peace and Coexistence.
  65. Nabd El-Hayah Foundation
  66. Yemen General Union of Sociologists, Social Workers and Psychologists (YGUSSWP).
  67. Social Kind Eart Foundation SKEF.
  68. Make Hope Development and Relief MHDR.
  69.  Developmental Reayah Foundation DRF
  70. Mysarah Foundation for Development.
  71. ESAD Development Foundation.
  72. Al-Afdal Foundation for Development
  73. Yemen Peace School Organization.
  74. Basmat Hayat Association for Humanitarian Action PHA
  75. National Prisoner Foundation NPF
  76. Women Foundation for Development WFD
  77. Reduction of Humanitarian Disaster Organization
  78. Khudh Beyadi Foundation for Development KBFD
  79. Raising Organization for Children Rights Development ROC
  80. Human Conscience Foundation for Development
  81. Experts Foundation for Development
  82. Yemeni Foundation for Voluntary Work
  83. Shamat Al Khair Foundation for Sustainable Development
  84. Al-Rafa Foundation for Sustainable Development
  85. Iris Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response
  86. First Lady Foundation for Development
  87. Together We Rise Foundation for Women and Children Care
  88. Al Raja Foundation for Awareness and Development
  89. Al-Aman Organization for Blind Women Care AOBWC
  90. Al-Omr for Building the Afterlife Charitable and Development Association.
  91. Shahamat Watan Foundation for Rights and Development
  92. Nabd Development and Evolution Organization – NDEO