The bids for equipping kidney dialysis center

Today, corresponding to 14/11/2023, at its head office in the capital city, Abs Development Organization for Woman and Child (ADO), under the supervision of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA), and the Ministry of Public Health and Population representatives, the bids for equipping Kidney Dialysis Center in Abs City of Hajjah Governorate were opened and reviewed by the organization’s tender committee before the attended applicants’ representatives applying for the tender. This procedure comes as one of ADO efforts to ensure the provision of special medical care through a well-equipped dialysis center following the specifications required for the patients in the targeted area. The supply of such modern high-quality devices is expected to contribute to the quality of services provided and health care improvement. Additionally, this procedure aims to enhance transparency and equality in the tender processes ensuring the best possible value is achieved for the beneficiaries.