About Us

Abs Development Organization for woman and child (ADO) is a well-established national humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit Organization. It is one of the premier organizations that has been operating in Yemen Since1996 adopting a strong needs-based approach in its work to reach the most vulnerable women, children, displaced, and host communities in deprived rural areas located on the coast of Tihama. Since it was established, ADO has always stood for multi-sectoral integrated response so strongly that it has won the confidence of most UN agencies and obtained several funds for its projects. ADO is distinguished for focusing on Women who represent the cornerstone of its interventions. ADO is also admired for it has a well-defined methodological approach that includes community participation attributed to its belief that is, change starts from the community itself.


Over 27 years, ADO has implemented more than 213 Development and Humanitarian programmes. They can be divided as follows: Women Empowerment & Promoting Gender: 55, Education & Women Literacy Eradication: 35, Food Security & Livelihood: 33, Protection: 30, WASH: 23, Health & Reproductive Health: 21, Nutrition: 9, and finally Shelter and CCCM: 7. All in all, ADO reached 6,695,412 beneficiaries towards the end of 2021.

The idea of establishing the Abs Organization came from the womb of the suffering and difficulties faced by women in society and to advocate for the right of girls and women to education and to refute discrimination and racism, as (5 girls) established the first in the year 1996 for the Abs Women’s Association, and in 2011  the transformation of this association into the Abs Organization In the same year (2011) the male cadre was introduced, and the administrative body became 5 women and 4 men, and the organization went through five important stages of development and expansion.

The first stage: A women’s association was providing services only to women and children at the level of the city of Abs, and then at the level of the district of Abs, and this was in the year 1996 – to 1999.

The second stage: from 2000 to 2006, and here the association developed and expanded its services at the level of the governorates (Hajjah, Hodeidah and Saada).

The third stage: from 2007 to 2010. The association developed and expanded at the governorate level (Hajjah, Al-Hodeidah, Saada, and Al-Mahweet).

The fourth stage: In the year 2011, the Abs Women’s Association turned into the Abs Development Organization for Woman and Child. Its services expanded and became operational at the level of the Republic of Yemen. It also became a leading organization in 10 humanitarian and development sectores health, nutrition, food security and livelihoods,  WASH , shelter and camp management, Education and literacy, child protection, protection, economic and social empowerment of women, and reconstruction).


We work together to contribute to better living conditions for women, children and youths. We do so, through providing innovative and sustainable solutions in responding to emergencies, delivering the educational process, empowering women in all walks of life, and enhancing resilience by improving livelihood opportunities


Together to achieve a better life for women, children and youth


ADO Organization is committed to developing our organizational culture to ensure the realization of our noble values and principles that include transparency, inclusiveness, honesty and integrity, which are consistent with our strategic goals in building the community’s resilience and optimal use of the livelihoods of the targeted communities, and to consolidate our vision of promoting women’s leadership in humanitarian and development work.


ADO strongly believes that women are the essence of life and therefore, they represent the cornerstone of its interventions. ADO takes this positive approach to women-education and empowerment, in particular, because it leads to empowered and educated families who will ensure a developed society free from injustice. ADO also, believes that young people are the potential and driving force behind any modern civil society. Well-brought-up children shape and represent a happy future free of crime and terrorism. Generally, women, children, and youth got the all-out support of ADO in all its interventions

Strategic Goals

Our Strategies

The Abs Development Organization for Women and Children makes a strategic plan every five years. The current strategic plan for the period from 2015 to 2021 was prepared in the wake of the previous strategic plan included in the past five years, in which the organization faced many challenges. However, many interventions have been implemented in various fields. The same priority that was mentioned in the previous strategic plan, Despite the tremendous changes in the external environment, the organization’s performance was very exceptional in developing and providing innovative humanitarian and developmental solutions that were considered success stories such as the establishment of temporary model bathrooms in Tihama, the establishment of a shelter model for the displaced, and the creation of a guide for managing displacement camps. The focus of the Abs Development Organization is clearly evident Women and children on the quality of influence (which is recognized by humanitarian groups and blocs) and their ability to reach remote areas, and this is evidence of their strategic ability


Abs Development Organization for woman and child (ADO) is a well-established national humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit. It has the legal capacity to operate in many programmes and has been operating in Yemen for more than 27 years Since its establishment, ADO has been striving for the sake of women and children with a distinctive presence in the deprived rural areas located on the coast of Tehama. ADO board of trustees are of 9 members: 5 females & 4 males) i.e., women constitute 60% of the board. ADO board trustees came from a variety of different parts in Yemen Whereas the 5 ladies came from Tihamah area, all other 4 members are from Taiz, Al-Mahweet, Hajja, and Al-Hodeidah governorates. The board has conducted 4 meetings during this year so far. Meeting agendas included updates required for the strategic plan. The board is divided into 3 committees as follows:

The Legislative and Policy making Committee:

This committee is composed of ADO chairwoman, as a team leader, and two other members. The committee is assigned to make/update policies, strategic plans and handle fundraising.

The Executive Committee:

This committee is made up of a team leader and two members. The committee is assigned the task of recruitment, planning and supervising ADO programme team.

Control and Audit Committee:

This committee consists of a team leader and two members. The committee is assigned to auditing and risk management.

ADVOCACY: Since its establishment. ADO has been seeking to advocate for the rights of women and youth to participate in decision-making It has also advocated localizing humanitarian and development work for women, children, and for the sustainable impact of the lowest-income targeted groups in Yemen.

In this year, 2022, ADO along with several national organizations and local authorities, have had a new initiative supporting localizing humanitarian work in Yemen. This initiative included many national civil society organizations, which, side by side, seek to achieve one goal; That is humanitarian work facilitation in Yemen in addition to cooperate and advocate for all issues that concern the Yemeni society, particularly women and children.

During this year, 2022, the organization has also been networking with several global networks related to advocacy and localization, such as ICVA and NEAR global networks.