1. Contributing to the alleviation of poverty through improving the living standard of women, children and youth.
  2. Participating in achieving education for all and bridging gender disparities in education.
  3. Participating in improvement of health status and reproductive health.
  4. Promotion of civil and political rights, social justice, and discarding discrimination against gender or race.
  5. Providing humanitarian assistance and building the society abilities for endurance.


Our People

Abs Yemen is led by Dr. Aisha Thawab president and CEO

Our principles & beliefs

  • Abs Organization was established to be a completely independent organization with no affiliation whatsoever to any entity or person or group or political party

  • Abs Organization believes that a sustainable development of the community requires a democratic climate and culture constantly nurtured and reinforced by education.

  • Abs Organization believes that young people are the pillars of the national economy of the country.

  • Poverty is the gravest enemy of humanity and the underlying leading cause of illiteracy, spread of disease, and widespread social injustice confronting humankind.

  • We accept full accountability and responsibility to our creator, donors and beneficiaries for the utilization of the financial resources entrusted to us in a transparent and objective manner

  • To provide an enabling environment designed to support productivity, creativity, integrity, and independence comes at the heart of ADOWC policies and procedures