What they said about ADO

- Dr. Ra’uofa Hassa:-

The main reason of the hatred against you is your energy and transparency, and an other reason is that your aim is to help your community, which is what helped you to succeed. Those who are fighting you and putting obstacles in your way have no vision and are morally bankrupt, they became frustrated and disappointed and started fighting you

Brigadier-general Yahiya Al-Mutawakil:--

You in ADO are active and dedicated, your main goal is to help your community and develop it, you deserve respect and appreciation. From now on, I will stand by your side, and will not accept any offense against you. Any mosque clerk who will accuse your organization of anything or any other organization or aid group that seeks to do good by the community, will be held accountable

Ammat Al-Wali Al-Sharqi:--

The staff in ADO is energetic, ambitious, and always seek to achieve their goals. They are very successful, and it is our duty to stand beside them and support them in order for them to continue achieving their noble goals

- Mr. Taj Al-Din Al-Ser, Executive Manager of the Humanitarian Aid and Development Office – Haradh:-

Expressed his happiness in working with ADO for Women and Children. Al-Ser spoke to Yemenat news website and said that ADO has made a significant and positive impact in the region through the projects it implemented over the past few years especially in the remote villages. Al-ser also commented on the emergency health and education response project launched by ADO in cooperation with the Humanitarian Aid and Development Organization and said that there is a large number of field clinics that will be distributed throughout the rural areas, in addition to school bags for first graders in the district. Al-Ser then, talked about how pleased he was with the efforts exerted by ADO

Our People

Abs Yemen is led by Dr. Aisha Thawab president and CEO

Our principles

  • Abs Organization was established to be a completely independent organization with no affiliation whatsoever to any entity or person or group or political party

  • Abs Organization believes that a sustainable development of the community requires a democratic climate and culture constantly nurtured and reinforced by education.

  • Abs Organization believes that young people are the pillars of the national economy of the country.

  • Poverty is the gravest enemy of humanity and the underlying leading cause of illiteracy, spread of disease, and widespread social injustice confronting humankind.

  • We accept full accountability and responsibility to our creator, donors and beneficiaries for the utilization of the financial resources entrusted to us in a transparent and objective manner

  • To provide an enabling environment designed to support productivity, creativity, integrity, and independence comes at the heart of ADOWC policies and procedures