Advocacy & Networking

 ADO believes in advocacy and networking. It has participated in many conferences localizing humanitarian work. With the participation of 10 NGOs, it has established an advocacy union for Yemeni local NGOs. ADO is among the first local NGOs that has called for implementing the Grand Bargain Agreement. Abs Development Organization for Women & Child (ADO), establishment in 1996, has supported the Yemeni community and most vulnerable groups of women, children, internal displaced persons and immigrants in all their issues, as well as supporting all organizations and associations working in the humanitarian field in Yemen lunching campaigns to advocate for many sensitive issues in society.


     ADO Organization is considered the first local organization in Yemen that called for the implementation of the (Grand Bargain ).Funded by Oxfam, it trained 10 local organizations (Union of NOGs) on advocacy and fundraising.

  • For girl’s education
  • Campaigns & Advocacy Projects 
  • Membership at global advocacy networks
  • Advocating for Localization in Yemen

These are some examples of advocacy campaigns implemented by ADO:


  • Joint Statement on Yemen Humanitarian Situation and Funding Gap.

The UNGA statement signed by 98 international and national actors in Yemen, including 60 Yemeni CSOs, 31 INGOs, and seven UN agencies… Read More


  • The Campaign to Advocate for the Rights of Vulnerable People on the West Coast in Hajjah Governorate 2013.

This campaign was aimed at supporting and advocating the residents of the western coast in Hajjah governorate in restoring their lost rights and marginalization by the government officials in Hajjah governorate. This campaign included many media activities to publicize this issue in front of the public opinion. The crowds of citizens who participated in this campaign gathered from 6 districts from the western coast in Hajjah (Abs district – Haradh district – Aslam district – Hajour district – Al-Sham district – Hayran district).


  • The collective voice campaign is closer to advocating for women’s issues in Yemen (2015 – 2016).

This campaign aimed to advocate and support Yemeni women in the field of leadership and community leadership. A campaign was funded directly by “Oxfam International”. A campaign included many events and media campaigns, as well as training 150 women on the principles of advocacy and community leadership. Also, coordination was made with the leaders of the local authorities in Hajjah Governorate, the districts (Abs, Al-Lahiya and Al-Zahra) to support and advocate women’s issues by conducting several visits and sending several memorandums of cooperation. The International Women’s Day event was also announced.


  • A project called “For achieve better opportunities for young people” 2014

This project aims to support and advocate Yemeni youth to achieve better economic opportunities and reduce the high unemployment rate. This project was funded by “Reach Out to Asia” and “CARE International”.

  • Preparing and conducting an expanded meeting of civil society organizations

to discuss the situation, analyze the challenges, and come up with recommendations that will be shared with the authorities and funders.

  • Representing civil society organizations in the technical preparatory meeting

for senior officials, to discuss the humanitarian situation in Yemen and hardships (narrowing connections, quality of service provided, priorities, the issue of restricting women’s movement, and the Nexus methodology).

  • Attending a meeting of senior officials in Brussels

to represent the voice of civil society organizations and deliver messages and recommendations to senior officials there, governments and financiers on May 23 of this year.