Advocate for the affected people in Syria

And to demand the application of the international humanitarian legal framework for non-discrimination and justice for the afflicted in the two countries

First: the introduction
– On Monday the death toll from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria rose to more than 33000 dead in the two afflicted countries, while hopes of finding survivors diminished, 8 days after the devastating earthquake that occurred in Turkey and Syria, which was described as “the worst event in this region in history.” 100 years.”
– The extremely cold weather in the affected areas hinders efforts to rescue the afflicted and affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, and exacerbates the suffering of millions of those affected, in addition to the limited implementation of the United Nations agencies in providing humanitarian aid across the borders, because the United States relied on providing humanitarian aid through Bab al-Hawa crossing only.
– Under the mandate of the United Nations Secretariat. Most people are in dire need of help. According to UN statements, there are no complete statistics, and UN agencies are still assessing the earthquake’s repercussions on the affected region of Syria. There are teams trying to assess the needs, but the situation is very difficult because Syria, before the earthquake, was going through a very bad and miserable situation compared to the past years of war.
– The crisis in Syria is a “crisis within a crisis.” This is the scene in Syria, which is now reeling in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that came after more than a decade of debilitating war. In a war-torn country.

Second: The current situation, and the advocacy message of civil society organizations in Yemen
– Based on what was published by the Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the sixth day of the crisis, the obstacles that impede the delivery of aid to affected area of Syria are due to the destruction of roads and the failure to open crossings. To deliver humanitarian aid to affected people in Syria, we need to use roads and crossings, and this decision is left to the Security Council, which is who makes these decisions.

– We have noticed, based on the tracking of international reports, that there is a weakness in the movement of rescue operations towards the affected regions of Syria, and we call on the United Nations to intensify and speed up the organization of the response, as it is concerned with the humanitarian and relief file and the coordinator of humanitarian operations and missions there.
Since it is in a humanitarian and catastrophic situation, the flow of international aid began naturally after the earthquake that struck Turkey and neighboring Syria, with the arrival of the first rescue teams, equipment and foodstuffs to the affected areas in Turkey.. on the sixth day of the catastrophe of the devastating earthquake, and based on the confirmation of the Syrian Civil Defense, the equipment that was requested from the humanitarian agencies to extract the stranded people in the affected area of Syria did not arrive. “Euronews”
-Based on the reports and what has been published, the United Nations response is very insufficient compared to the disaster and the impact of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, which is called the worst natural disaster in the century.
– The delay in the process of responding to the earthquake disaster in Syria on the part of the United Nations, as it is authorized to process relief and coordination to deliver humanitarian aid is unacceptable, and we urge the Secretariat of the United Nations and the Secretary-General that in such a disaster as the devastating earthquake, to take measures and decisions from The UN Security Council accepted to return to the well-established provisions of international humanitarian law applicable to the facts.
– Despite our affirmation of our solidarity and sympathy with all those affected in the two countries, we still recommend justice in distributing resources among those affected. We affirm our stand with the affected people in Turkey and Syria, and we demand, in this document, justice in distributing resources fairly and justly between the victims in the two countries and within the framework of international humanitarian law by providing assistance impartially, and not discriminating between the affected people in the two countries. And this much-needed assistance inside Syria must not be disrupted for any reason.
-And our awareness, as civil society organizations working in the humanitarian field in Yemen, of the importance of humanitarian work in a neutral manner in response to human needs arising from complex emergencies, and in a manner that complies with the basic humanitarian principles of human sense, integrity and neutrality. The undersigned civil society organizations in Yemen demand through this document to direct the provision of assistance in the three points (direct assistance – indirect assistance – support in the field of infrastructure) within the international framework of humanitarian law through the opening of crossing points.

– We appeal to the United Nations and appeal on it to direct all mechanisms, international agencies and humanitarian agencies to work with a direct mandate from the United Nations Secretariat and to overcome all logistical difficulties and use all possible crossings across borders to reach all those affected in all affected areas of the two countries impartially .And using its logistical capabilities in the Middle East region, and facilitating the rapid and emergency entry of rescue teams and medical teams from all countries, in accordance with international humanitarian law, to overcome the difficulties facing rescue teams.

– We call for a significant increase in funds for Syrian NGOs and their organizations and an acceleration of the resettlement agenda.

We put this advocacy document in your hands and we hope that you will take all messages and demands into consideration in order to respond to the catastrophic situation in Syria.

1. Abs Development Organization for Women & Children
2. Democracy School
3. Basma Foundation for Child Development and Woman
4. Tomorrow Foundation for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Relief
5. Wa’am Foundation
6. Social Development Hodeidah Girls Foundation
7. White Hands Association for Women’s Development
8. Rawabi AL-Nahdah
9. The Association for the Care and Rehabilitation
10. Nasaem Foundation for Development
11. Red Crescent Division Abs
12. Al Shafaqa Foundation for Kidney Failure and Cancer Care
13. Musahmah Orgnization for Human Development
14. Knoz yemen organization humanity development
15. Human Aid Organization
16. Ramz Development Foundation
17. Nabd Development and Evolution Organization
18. National Prisoner Foundation
19. Medical Mercy Foundation
20. Tayabah Foundation for Development
21. Khadija Foundation for Development
22. Rifa Foundation for Community and Human Development
23. Humanitarian Action Library – Yemen
24. Sustainable Development Foundation
25. Future Makers Association
26. Itar Foundation for Social Development
27. Hajjah Cultural Developmental Foundation
28. For All foundation
29. Make Hope for Development and Relief (MHDR)
30. Ablity Foundation for Sustainable Development
31. Humantarian aid association
32. National foundation for development and healthcar
33. For us foundation
34. Peace foundation
35. Yemeni Development Network For NGO’s
36. Light Foundation
37. Youth Start Organization for Sustainable Development
38. Gisr Al Atta Association
39. Nahda Makers Foundation
40. Soul For Development
41. Rowad Foundation for Development and Human Rights
42. Socotra Foundation for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Relief