Climate Change

Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent, but it is the world’s most vulnerable people who are hit the hardest. ADO works on sustainable income generating activities to make the population more resilient to climate change and food insecurity.

Water and FSL:

The importance of considering climate change and adaption to it is very important in the groundwater and to protect the farms from floods. ADO conducted a project in Aryaf Al Mukala (Programme of Strengthening the Resilience and Participation at Local Level in Yemen (SRPL) through Implementing CfW measures (AL-Houta and AL-Rashidiya villages ) – AL-Houta sub-district – Aryaf AL-Mukalla district – Hadhramaut governorate – Yemen). During this project, a Protective Wall is built, and Rehabilitation for Irrigation Canals has been done as an adaption of the climate change and floods that destroy farms.


Increasing Resilience through Innovative and Sustainable Improvement of Food Security and Livelihoods for Returnees, IDPs, and Host Communities in the Western Coastal areas of Yemen. The project is concerned with fish farming and capacity building for the fishermen and how the fishermen can be capable to plan and improve their work on the correlation with the climate change

Shelter sector:

Previous experience for example the improvement of shelter design to adapt to the hot climate in Tahama. the change from Taham area material and design is suitable to the hot and cold climate and resist floods beside it is concerned about protection mainstreaming and privacy. 

WASH sectors:

The improvement of emergency latrine design to be suitable for climate change, hot climate, people with disability, and privacy. Design is also taken into consideration the location and flood road.