Community committees wash project selected

In light of the Covid-19 epidemic and its negative effects on people in general, the displaced and the most vulnerable people in particular, ADO continues with its humanitarian activities based on its primary mission to provide a safe and dignified life for the IDPs helping to alleviate their suffering. Today the Evaluation and Monitoring team has selected the community committees within the project to provide WASH services to the most vulnerable people in (Abs and Hiran) districts of Hajjah Governorate. The Monitoring & Evaluation Manager, Mr. Abdul Qadir Al-Rifai confirmed that the process of selecting the community committees is a preliminary procedure that precedes the implementation of the project to ensure the community's participation in the implementation of the project in accordance with the principles of transparency and accountability pointing out that ADO will hold a training course in the coming days for the selected community committees in order to enhance their active role in raising awareness among the community about the importance of the correct use of water and environmental sanitation services provided by ADO and funded by Diakonie organization.