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The Gender-Based Violence is a self-funded Protection project implemented by ADO to protect women victims from domestic violence by providing them with the required legal and/or financial assistance

Program to empower women economically, socially and politically

ADO established the first initiative to empower rural women to participate and lead in society, and contributed to the promotion of youth and women’s political and economic rights in 1997, and implemented many activities and projects to empower women, and this year the organization focused on building women’s economic capacities, as more than 60 girls got their capacity built on Livelihoods such as training in manual skills such as hairdressing and sewing, incense and food making. The number of projects aimed at empowering women and promoting gender has reached 55 projects.

Empowering women in community leadership and politics.

Since the empowerment of women is an essential axis for any peace and achieving this, the project has contributed to strengthening the administrative capacities of community leaders and means of accountability regarding the implementation of gender equality, women’s empowerment, peace and security, Enhancing the role of women in social life and participating in assuming senior government positions, as this resulted in the first woman assuming the position of director of an executive office in one of the directorates benefiting from the project and Enhance strength. At Hajjah Governorate (Abs and Haradh) district and  Al-Hudaydah Governorate (Al-Zahra and Al-Luhaya) districts.

Listening clubs - Bamiyya Rajil

Educating society about the importance of women’s role in social and political aspects, Giving confidence and strength to many girls so that they are able to assume leadership responsibility and involve them in the peace process and Through community initiatives, many women were able to solve some problems in society that were difficult to solve. At Hajjah Governorate (Abs and Haradh) district and  Al-Hudaydah Governorate (Al-Zahra and Al-Luhaya) districts.

Demands of women and youth from the National Dialogue Conference

Emphasis was placed on the necessity of winning women’s rights, especially those related to women’s ownership and the state’s commitment to representing them in the three state authorities by no less than 30%, in addition to a number of articles related to women’s political, economic, social and cultural empowerment, their right to social services, social security and care, the right of working women to care for the newborn, and their right In equality and criminalizing discrimination against them and violence, in addition to many other articles and rights, in preparation for their participation in peace issues except what concerns community peace or what concerns political matters. At Hajjah Governorate (Abs and Haradh) district and  Al-Hudaydah Governorate (Al-Zahra and Al-Luhaya) districts.

Empowering rural women

Eliminating the illiteracy of a large number of rural women, which contributed to empowering and encouraging them so that they became a force in society and participated in resolving many outstanding societal issues and through the Abs Council, which the organization chaired, many problems related to the service were solved. At Hajja governorate,