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Voluntary work is of special importance, for the role of society as well as the designee of the values ​​of social and links, is important not only on the individual level but at the level of society as a whole and what it means to raise the economic and social levels, and improve the standard of living for the disadvantaged, and maintain human values, a In this sense, the embodiment of the principle of social solidarity and a real investment to deflate young men and women

The goals of the voluntary work

  • Contribute to the reduction of problems and contribute to developing appropriate solutions Definition of volunteers circumstances of their community and their involvement in the development of programs and activities and their implementation, as well as participate in Follow-up and evaluation process in order to achieve the desired goals Definition of volunteer community groups most marginalized and disadvantaged in society and work towards reintegration to society and work to Solve their problems and take advantage of their capabilities and abilities
  • Investment expertise and competencies inherent individual volunteers and activated Make up the shortfall in human resources, especially volunteers with the skills and experience Involve the largest number of volunteers in the organization's activities Linking local community organization Identify volunteers with highly skilled and qualified
  • Invest effort and leisure accidentally fruitful and beneficial to the community Build capacity and equip them with skills and expertise Self-assertion and satisfy the psychological and social needs of the volunteers Create opportunities for volunteers to build relationships with each other and their communities, and opening the door for volunteers in the future
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