Governance & Senior Management

ADO is governed by a board of trustees chaired by Dr. Aisha Thawab. This board is o five members (three females & two males) in which women constitute 60%. These members have a variety of backgrounds and experiences as they came from a variety of different parts in Yemen. Whereas the three ladies came from Tehama area, all other 2 members are come from Taiz, Al-Mahweet, Hajja, and Al-Hodeidah Governorates. The board has conducted 4 meetings recently during 2022 to discuss updates required for ADO strategic plan. ADO board is divided into two committees (Legislative & Policy Committee and the Executive Committee), while the monitoring and Inspection Committee is an independent committee.

Monitoring and Inspection Committee

This committee consists of a team leader with two other members whose main responsibilities are focused on internal auditing and risk management.

Executive Committee

This committee is made up of a team leader with two other members. The committee tasks include supervising the recruitment procedures for senior positions within ADO various departments, planning and supervising ADO program team.

Legislative & Policy Committee

This committee comprises ADO Chairwoman, as a team leader with one members. The committee tasks involve making/updating policies, strategic plans and fundraising.