Governance & community participation


Supporting the stronger operation of the public sector and civil society, including:

public sector policy and management, public financial management, domestic revenue mobilization, legal and judicial development, elections, media and free flow of information, human rights, ending violence against women and girls, social protection, employment creation, housing policy, culture and recreation.​


Youth participation program to enhance  role of women. at Hajja. Doner: IOM


Youth and Women Project Demands from the National Dialogue Conference. Upgrade functional.

at Hajja. Doner: OXFAM

2013 - 2014

Encouraging Youth & Girls to participate in the National Dialogue Conference at Hajjah&Al-Hodeidah. Doner: IOM

2014 - 2015

Humanitarian aid Promoting Community Resilience. at Hajja. Doner: OXFAM


Rural  Women Community leadership &  Empowerment . at Hajjah & Al-Hodeidah. Doner: OXFAM