Hajjah.. Handing over the SIERY project’s sites, under the sector of roads to the implementing agency for implementation

Tuesday, 26 Rajab 1445 AH corresponding to 06 February 2024

To initiate the implementation of paving and improvement works at Al-Meazab Al-Gararah Road in Hajjah city, to the east of Abs, the project’s sites were handed over by the local authorities: Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs- Hajja Branch (SCMCHA), the Planning and Development office in Hajjah Governorate, and the local council in the governorate center.

This project is one of SIERY projects that is being funded by UNDP and implemented by Abs Development Organization (ADO) at a cost of $134,000, comprises paving and improving works on 14 of the most rugged sections with a length of 870 metres, making a side-water ditch and drainage surface bridge in flood areas to protect the road and its users, and also to increase the width of curves and places where sighting distance is not available.

During the handover, in the presence of the District Director, Issam Al-Wazzan, UNDP Coordinator, Nayef Murshed, and ADO Project Manager, Muhannad Al-Mikhlafi, The SCMCHA Hajja Branch Manager - Allan Fadail as well as the Planning and Development Office, Abdul Rahman Al-Malhani, both indicated that the project is of a high significance as it is a sustainable developmental project aiming to reduce the suffering of citizens.

They stressed their keenness for the initiation of the intervention in accordance with the technical engineering specifications hoping for its completion within the specified period.

Meanwhile, UNDP Coordinator, Nayef Murshid, and the Project Manager, Muhannad Al-Mekhlafi, appreciated the facilities provided; represented by the Governorate’s leadership and SCMCHA to serve the people in the governorate.

The handover was also, attended by the Secretary General of the District’s Local Council, Fares Al-Sanour.