Director general of Abs organization meets with a number of organizations directors

The Director general of Abs Development Organization, Dr. Aisha Thawab has met with a number of directors and representatives of the organizations working in Abs directorate. The meeting discussed a number of issues related to the directorate, particularly the ways of cooperation and coordination among the organizations operating within the directorate. The meeting also reviewed the activities and projects carried out by each organization, which are being implemented, in addition to the swap of views and ideas on priority projects that can serve as many beneficiaries as possible within the directorate, which will provide a decent living for people of the directorate in different regions. The director of the organization Abs expressed willingness to cooperate with any other active organization working within the directorate, including the implementation of development projects serving the community. Pointing out to the importance of information swap among the organizations and determining the scope of work for each organization so as not to be any overlap in the work to ensure the implementation of projects in various fields that benefit all areas of the directorate


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