Medical cadres trained in Hodeida governorate


A training course implemented by Abs Development Organization(ADO) and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) has been held today for the medical cadres  (the first group) within the project of providing health services at the minimum level, which provides medical equipment , medicines, rehabilitation , provision of primary health care and reproductive health services in addition to medical referrals in five  medical centers of Zabid and Al-Marwah districts in Al-Hodeida governorate. Noteworthy this course aims to enhance participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide health and reproductive health services in a safe and sound manner. Dr. Hassan Al-Khader, project manager, pointed out  that the organization pays training and quality of care special attention because of its importance in raising the efficiency of medical cadres and health service providers, stressing the importance of the efforts undertaken by the organization in improving the health situation in Yemen.

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