The continued awareness of the dangers of early marriage

;The continued awareness of the dangers of early marriage

On Monday, January 16 of 2017, Abs Development for Women and Children held a workshop for Al-Zahra district’s community leaders. The event included a number of clerics, intellectuals and activists most notably the head of the district’s local council. The negative effects, problems and dangers that befalls the family and the community due to the practice of early marriage were discussed. A total of 13 individuals attended the event including 6 males and 7 females. The workshop begun at 4:00 PM and ended at 6:00. A brief statement was presented on behalf of Abs Development expressing the organization’s wish to consolidate efforts between four key institutions that are responsible for addressing this negative practice that have become wide spread in society and the effects of which have increased recently. These institutions are first and foremost, the family, then the school, religious pulpits and then the media. When all of them interact with the community and the role the organizations plays, positive outcomes are guaranteed.


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