ADO’s interventions extended in Rima and Hodeida governorates

The executive director of ADO Dr. Aisha Thawab has  confirmed  that the organization has been  keen to expand its interventions in the field of nutrition to include five districts in Rima governorates, and three districts  in Hodeida governorate to counter malnutrition on humanitarian, social and health problem due to  its negative effects and ramifications  that spread across all aspects of life and work to impede human and economic development, as Yemen still faces a great burden of acute and chronic malnutrition. As the conflict continues unabated, the situation worsens and the number of malnourished children rises daily. Currently, more than 1.8 million children under the age of `five years are suffering from acute malnutrition, including about 500,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition and in urgent need of therapeutic feeding program interventions. Dr. Thawab pointed out that ADO has accelerated its interventions in the field of nutrition to prevent and treat severe acute malnutrition among children in health facilities in the governorates of Rima and Hodeida.

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