Our History

ADO was established to confute the discrimination against women and advocate for their rights. ADO was founded in 1996, and firstly named “Abs Feminist association” The idea of establishing ADO was developed by 5 women due, largely, to the suffering and difficulties faced by the women in the community. In 2011, Abs Feminist association was developed into Abs Development Organization. In the same year, male cadres joined ADO. So, the board of trustees became 9 members (4 men and 5 women.) In brief, ADO has gone through five important phases of expansion and development as follows:

The first stage (1996 – 1999):
ADO was named Abs Feminist association. It was providing its services exclusively for the local women and children at
the level of Abs city and then at the level of Abs district;
The second stage (2000 – 2006):
The association was developed expanding its services at the governorate level to cover Hajjah, Al Hodeidah and Saada
The third stage (2007 – 2010):
The association was developed expanding its services at the governorate level to cover Hajjah, Al-Hodeidah, Saada, and
Al-Mahweet governorates;
The fourth stage (2011– up to the present):
ADO changed from Abs Feminist association to “Abs Development Organization for Woman and Child (ADO) it has ever
since expanded its services to cover many governorates at the level of the Republic of Yemen. It has become a leading
organization working in 9 programmes in both sectors; Humanitarian & Emergency Response: (Health, Nutrition, WASH,
SMC & FSL), as well as Development & Gender: (Protection/CP/GBV, Education and Microfinance advocating the cause of
women and youths in promoting their rights in education, political and social participation.

We are a well-established national, humanitarian, development, non-governmental and non-profit Organization. ِADO is one of the premier organizations that has been operating in Yemen Since 1996 adopting a strong need-based approach in its work to reach the most vulnerable women, children, displaced, and host communities in deprived rural areas located on the coast of Tihama. Since it was established, ADO has always stood for multi-sectoral integrated response so strongly that it has won the confidence of most UN agencies and obtained several funds for its projects. ADO is distinguished for women represent the cornerstone of its interventions. ADO is also admired for it has a well-defined methodological approach that includes community participation attributed to its belief that change starts from the community itself.