The war in Yemen has resulted in a damage of infrastructure and basic services, as well as a damage to large sectors of the population, and the largest hard-hit category is school students. It's where more than 54 thousand children can no longer go to their schools. It is where about 6 million other children have not found schools to go to and more than 300 schools have been totally destroyed. This has had very negative psychological effects on the generation of children.



The education program focuses on supporting the education facilities and to the literacy centers by providing teachers with incentives and the rehabilitation of schools to improve schools’ capability to withstand the increasing number of students due to the wave of displacement. Where beneficiaries reached 514,003 until April 2020

ADO is the first organization in the level of Yemen that has eradicated illiteracy of more than 5200 women and girls with the Reflect methodology, this methodology made illiterate women and girls literate and able to analyze their reality and work on initiatives of improvement as well as it has entered the isolation of Abs and built 10 schools, opened literacy classes, spread societal awareness and eradicated illiteracy for isolations where the illiteracy rate was 100% in


  Building schools(ADO has built 10 schools )

 • Rehabilitation of schools.

 • Distributing school uniforms.

• Distributing school meals.

• Provide financial support for literacy centers.

• Teach illiterate using reflect methodology.

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