This component is one of the main objectives which is the top priority of abs organization and believing in its mission that measures the living standard of the individual according to his income, access to basic services and facilities, and the conditions in which that person lives. The ability of a person to earn wealth and comfort can improve the living standard of this person, and education is one of the most important ways to improve the standard of living. From this point of view, Abs works to improve the standard of living of women, youth and children by building capacity and providing employment opportunities to achieve its strategic objective to contribute in alleviating poverty and increasing income through the following goals and programs


Especial goals

  1. Assist poor people to increase their income through financing their small projects.
  2. Building the capacity of women and youth and providing employment opportunities.
  3. Supporting income-generating projects

Implemented programs

  1. Abs Microfinance Program
  2. Employment opportunities and capacity building program for women and youth
  3. Income-generating projects program

Others Issues we work on