The deterioration of the economic situation has led to an increase in the number of poor families and lack of income due to the loss of their livelihood sources. That affected on children and made them drop out of schools, in addition to increasing the cases of early marriage among young girls and the exploitation of the poverty of these families to marry off their daughters at an early age. And due to the influence of the continuation of the war and the shelling of residential areas, the children affected to have psychological and physical diseases.



 In protection program we work to protect children and women from violence and abuse, and provide them with safe spaces which help them to improve their skills and capabilities through implementing several activities in the child protection, general protection and GBV projects in the areas affected by the conflict . where the program is divided into three parts. Where beneficiaries reached  141,234 until April 2020.



The child protection project aims to guard kids from turning to criminals or becoming victims. The project conducts several activities that provide a cheerful and joyful atmosphere for children in general, and provide case management and referral for Unaccompanied children, early mirage victims, and injured kids due to war.



The GBV project is a self-funded project that protects women victims of domestic   violence by providing legal and financial assistance and protecting more than 2,500 woman from GBV until the end of 2019.



 General protection is also a self-funded project where the most vulnerable IDPs and host community members received financial aid.


 • Provide children friendly spaces.

 • Provide case management services for victims of early mirage and child abuse.

 • Provide women social and financial empowerment grants and capacity building.

 • Provide legal or financial assistance for women victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

 • Provide case referral for disabled children victims of  the current conflict.

 • Provide financial assistance for vulnerable households.

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