The organization’s vision is to support and assist the efforts of Ministry Education in implementing the national strategy, developing elementary education, literacy strategy and achieving the sustainable development goals that were announced in regards to provision of education for all. This kind of education is taken a high attention by Abs Organization through supporting of several activities in infrastructure and capacity building. It seeks to expand the capacity range, develop and update trainings' programs, curricula, and evidences. This program has been working in tightly combination with Literacy and Adult Education System and its offices in the governorate. Abs organization has taken upon itself the task of supporting Ministry of Education as it is the authoritative and central sector in the implementation of education projects. As well as ADO has left a clear impact where a number of educational projects reached 13 projects benefiting more than 12,000 people, including 5000 women, sewing and handicrafts training courses have been conducted in eight villages of Abs district , Project of health and environmental awareness has also been implemented for teachers and students in literacy and adult education's classes and 20 literacy centers were opened. The organization has been working hard trying to eliminate the illiteracy through coordination with the office of education in the target provinces to achieve the following objectives


Strategic goal

contribute to achieve education for all and narrow the gender gap in education.

Special goals

1. Improve basic education

2. Eliminate women's illiteracy

 3. Child care and protection

Others Issues we work on