ADO is interested in humanitarian aid through providing material or logistical assistance for humanitarian purposes, usually in response to humanitarian crises, including natural and man-made disasters. The primary goal of the organization in humanitarian aid is to save lives, relieve suffering and preserve human dignity. building community resilience, considering social responsibility is the sense of community members of their responsibility towards themselves by their commitment and responsibility towards themselves and towards other members of society, the environment and the country as well as  social responsibility reflects the psychological maturity of the individual because the person who is mentally mature is the one who bears responsibility, and he is ready to do his share as an individual in achieving the interest of society and feels that he owes it through programs aimed at enhancing the spirit of cooperation between the various poor families, and training them on how to take care of the crafts that they find and increase them with new skills, better methods, and appropriate experiences for their knowledge and skills situation, build their capabilities, and benefit from the experiences of others, whether it is the targeted or supervisors from the cadres of this sector. The organization also offers projects that benefit and benefit families in need and unemployed youth. Although here it reduces the unemployment rate, even partially, in the targeted areas, but it created the idea for these young people to continue to find their jobs. These programs and projects have had a tangible positive effect, especially in rural areas. Rural women have been able to develop their ideas and enjoy life through these programs that have given them confidence and self-determination to formulate a project that suits and manages them competently, and return to the organization as a consultative center when it is difficult for them to do something.

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