Human Resources Sector:


It is a self independent administration that has its own responsibilities , specialties and tasks. It is a vital administration in Abs Organization for Development and works within its goals  and strategic plans decorating it with beauty and excellence. It is responsible of setting , developing and executing the private procedures of running the Organization affairs during service for the purpose of ensuring the effective employment of the human resources in all the administrative centers of the Organization. It also follows  up everything that is related  to serving the Organization workers by providing services, administrative affairs and improving workprocedures.


Reaching excellence is the main goal that the Organization is seeking in all its sectors. And thus each administration should set its strategic plans within its execution mechanism. The Organization created a strong connection among all the Organization administrations regardless of their specialties and tasks. It works in the spirit of one team and rejects individual works that cause distractions. And therefore this administration makes a kind of connection with all the other administrations and makes all the administrative procedures, policies and plans to enhance and improve administrative work procedures. This makes satisfactory results, creates safety in the work place, and develop the abilities and skills of the humanresources.


It is not an easy task to any beholder since it takes care of everything related to the working staff from the working environment , their improvement ,and the ways of improving the working conditions and performance. This is done through the principle of continuous follow ups and searching for anything that may cause obstacles to the working staff. It plans to make a better working conditions, it makes connection with other administrations, and it collects and analyze information on the basis of specific data in order to bring out realistic and clear studies and achieve its goals. It aims at achieving the progressiveness , development , growth , leadership and excellence of the Organization. This is how the Organization works with providing its working staff with any means necessary for their development , building their abilities and skills and giving them the best training. The Organization employed the automatic computer system for all its procedures and provided professional  support   and   automatic  maintenance  for  all  the   working  staff   inside   the



Organization. This Administration mingles all other administrations to create one  entity called Abs Organization for Development making it a leading Organization in its geographical area. It also made it reach the best and safest security, safety , and professional system. It is a group of general goals that the Organization Management is trying to achieve through the specific goals of each independent Administration to make a one of its kind excellence. According to Resources Policy and Code of Conduct Being initialized and training of employees.


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