Shelter & CCCM

United Nations' reports indicate that the ongoing conflicts in Yemen have exacerbated the wave of displacement, where more than 685,000 people were displaced from their homes during the past year and distributed in 1,228 common sites. The common sites lacked most health facilities, water shortages and latrines, which made these families live in a difficult situation with exacerbating their suffering, in addition to environmental threats, which have become a fertile area for epidemics.



Minimize the suffering of the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and protect their dignity, by providing the humanitarian assistance that ease their displacement conditions and protect them from the atmospheric conditions . Where 580,785 beneficiaries benefited from 5,500 transitional shelter until April 2020



• Build transitional shelter units.

• Distribute emergency shelter kits, non-food items and winterization support.

• Assess and coordinate the IDPs settlements sites to manage the humanitarian interventions in which no duplication occurs and no one is derived from assistance.

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