the health evaluations made by united nations in 22 governorates have clarified that 611,330 children under one year need vaccinations and 788,814 pregnant women need medical supervision during birth. World food program reported that Yemen is witnessing unprevented period of hunger that negatively affected on million of people where 17 million Yemenis suffer from shortage of food security . one out of four persons depends on humanitarian assistance. The malnutrition among children acts one of the highest rates in the world where Abs development organization is interested in providing health services for women and children to achieve the following goals


Strategies objective:-


  • Improve the level of health status, reproductive health


The general objectives of the program :-


  1. Reduce the mortality rate among mothers and children
  2. Reducing the proportion of the number of malnourished children
  3. Increase the number of women who receive prenatal care
  4. To raise awareness among families about family planning
  5. Increase the ratio of the number of employed family planning methods
  6. Increase the proportion of the number of births supervised by health care service providers
  7. Improve the level of provision of health care services through the provision of training professional capacity of health care providers to build.


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