Yemen’s population suffers from the shortages of clean water due to the shortage of the water sources. Only 22% of the population has access to safe drinking water and sanitation. An estimated 19.3 million people - 75% of Yemen's population needs access clean water and sanitation services, about 9.8 million of them, are at high risk due to outbreaks diseases caused by water scarcity and lack of sanitation since the conflict escalated in the country.





WASH program assists to improve access to clean and safe drinking water in the targeted areas and enhance personal hygiene through rehabilitating wells, constructing emergency latrines, distributing hygiene and dignity kits. Where beneficiaries reached  883,808 until April 2020



 Latrines are being built for the IDPs who settled down in the emergency shelter camps, to protect the IDPs’ dignity, especially women who could not bath or do anything in open areas. ADO works, also on rehabilitating sewage systems in those areas to eliminate any environment disaster, and any reason could lead to new spread of Cholera.



Rehabilitation of wells is one of the important steps that we take to reduce and stop further spread of cholera, by increasing people’s access to clean  and sufficient amount of water to those in areas threatened to be infected. Where it has started this intervention since 1999 when it dug a well, built reservoirs and water networks in Bani-Athabi.



In our intervention areas we focus on promoting hygiene activities and instilling the principle of hygiene in beneficiaries’ minds. The promotion involved distributing Hygiene kits to serve a dual-purposes of providing the material for beneficiaries to know how to purify water practically , and as a hygiene material for their families.

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