ADO works to prevent, reduce, mitigate and respond to protection threats, especially towards those communities affected by displacement, conflict and/ or vulnerable groups in Yemen. It has established the protection programme based on three main pillars: Child protection, gender-based violence (which is specific to Gender & Development Sector), and general Protection


Child Protection:

It aims to protect children from being victims or turning violent through recreational activities at friendly spaces, case management, and referrals of unaccompanied children, early marriage  victims, and war- injured children



The Gender-Based Violence is a self-funded Protection project implemented by ADO to protect women victims from domestic violence by providing them with the required legal and/or financial assistance.


General Protection:

General protection is a self-funded project where the most vulnerable IDPs and host community members receive financial aid to reduce the impact of war.


It aims to protect the most vulnerable members of the  society from being victims or criminals as a result of polarization and lack of opportunities.


  • Provide children friendly spaces.
  • Provide case management services for victims of early mirage and child abuse.
  • Provide women social and financial empowerment grants and capacity building.
  • Provide legal or financial assistance for women victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV).
  • Provide case referral for disabled children victims of the current conflict.
  • Provide financial assistance for vulnerable households.


2022 - 2023
Strengthening Institutional and Economic Resilience in Yemen

Scale-up first line and second-line WASH assistance in displacement areas by providing access to water and basic sanitation and hygiene services, reducing outbreaks of cholera and infectious diseases

Doner: DKH
2022 - 2023
16 days of activism against gender based violence

Conducting GBV awareness sessions, provision of cash for operational cost to Al Shafaqa Foundation, distribution of UCA, conducting a case study on GBV survivors of (Al Wehdah, Al Mina, Al Jabin, Al Makha) in Sanaa_City, Al_Hodeidah, Raymah, Taiz

2018 - 2019
Protection of children from violence

Protection of children from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect through provision of psychosocial support for children in communities in Hajjah.


2017 - 2018
food and child protection

Integrated services of food and child protection services for IDPs in Hajjah (Abs district); Funded by the UNOCHA/ YHF

Protection of children

Establish friendly spaces (safe for children) and training volunteers in the fields of psychological and social support to hold psychological relief sessions for children psychologically affected by the impact of the war.


2016 - 2017
protective environment

Ensuring a protective environment for boys and girls affected by armed conflict in Hajjah and Al Hudaidah; Funded by the DRC

2016 - 2017
life-saving assistance

Provision of life-saving assistance for /gender-based violence survivors and children survivors in Al Hudaidah and Hajjah; Funded by the UNOCHA/YHF