Restoration of Hope into Mayal’s life

         Mayal’s family lives in the village of Al-Marwah in Al-Jabin District of Raymah Governorate. They noticed that their 9-month-old child often suffers from frequent infections, loss of appetite, and severe wasting. Therefore, in July 2022, they paid a visit to the emergency at Qaar HC.
Meanwhile, ADO team was sensitizing the mother about cases of malnutrition and its complications pointing out that the symptoms that her son had were originally caused by MAM and that’s why, he was admitted into MAM programme.
        Fortunately, the family’s home was close to the health center, so it was possible to reach the health center on foot, and the Nutrition (Plumpy Sup) was provided to Mayal in a bimonthly basis until his condition significantly improved. Mayal and his mother used to attend periodically to receive the appropriate therapeutic nutritional rations on time until the child was totally recovered in August 2022 when Mayal’s MUAC became12.5 Cm. at their last vist.
Mayal’s mother expressed her great gratitude to ADO team, the World Food Program (WFP), and the health workers at Qaar health center, who all contributed to providing nutritional services and health awareness at the highest standard levels.

Detection Date: 21 Jun 2022

Recovery Date 28 Aug 2022