Sana’s journey through MAM into a remarkable recovery

Sana Tariq Ahmed Mohamed is a one-year-old little girl who was born into a poverty-stricken peasant family struggling to make ends meet. Hence, Sana’s parents often find it difficult to provide three meals a day for their children, and as a result, Sana and her … siblings usually sleep with empty stomach.
One day, before Sana was diagnosed with Moderate Acute Malnutrition, her unsatisfactory deteriorating health condition made her parents feel devastated as they knew they could not afford to wait any longer or their daughter’s health condition would be getting worse.
Luckily, ADO team that is working in the area providing nutrition assistance to children and PLW in need quickly responded to the situation and quickly identified Sana's condition … and began to work on a plan to help her.
ADO team provided Sana's family with food supplements and educated them on proper nutrition. They also monitored Sana’s progress and provided regular check-ups. Over time, Sana’s health began to improve, and she started to gain weight.
After two months of treatment, Sana was finally cured as her MUAC measurement reached 13.2. Sana's family was overjoyed that their daughter is cured and happy and they thanked ADO team for their fruitful efforts. "This is a testament to the impact of such most needed interventions for the people in need.”, Sana’a’s mother said.