Sarah between hunger and fear


Name: Name: Sarah

Age: 8 months

Address: Alsabeel area of Asb district, Hudaydah province


A midwife working for Abs organization mobile clinic in Abs district of Al Hudaydah province supported by OCHA. One day while sitting, she noticed a girl at age of 16 coming towards her carrying a little baby in hands. The baby was screaming painfully from hunger and tiredness. The mother was beating his all the time as she keeps screaming.

When she arrived the clinic, the midwife asked her for the reason behind her aggressive behavior with her baby, the young girl answered that the baby wants to suck milk all the time and she did produce enough milk to meet her needs.

The midwife educated the young mother about the best ways and time to feed the baby. The young mother benefited from the awareness session with the midwife

The second day, the mother came back with her baby and they were relieved to some extent