Sustained Development
Sustained Development

The concept of sustainable development

It is the process of developing societies to meet their needs and develop their skills.

Sustainable development goals

The most important development projects of the organization

Since the establishment of the Abs Development Organization in 1996, its main objective is the development of the individual and society. In many of its projects, it has focused on young people of both sexes, male and female, as they have the greatest role in the development of society, and since education represents the real starting point for development, given its role in achieving sustainable development and advancement. The capabilities, knowledge and skills of individuals who are the forearms of the development process by qualifying them and shaping their attitudes and values. Development is an investment of the energies and material and human capabilities present in society to achieve well-being for all and sustain it. In order to achieve this, the organization has implemented many activities and programs, the most important of which are:


Due to the importance of sustainable development, the United Nations announced that the beginning of the year (2005 AD) is the beginning of the Education Decade for Sustainable Development, as an essential element for achieving development. And rate. On this basis, the Abs Development Organization has focused in the implementation of its programs and activities on education through a package of training and rehabilitation activities, especially for young groups of both sexes. Achieving the goals of sustainable development.. The organization has a team that works to ensure the sustainability of the impact of its interventions, which contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development that it set to contribute to achieving a decent life for society by enabling it to rely on itself.

Empowerment and Teaching Designs Program

By teaching them sign language, professionally training them in the craft of weaving Ma’awz, empowering them economically, and supporting them with materials for their projects, which contributed to their integration into society and psychological support, which made them feel the importance of participating in improving the income of their families.

Abs Microfinance Program

It is a loan program to finance small income-generating projects for women with the aim of improving the living conditions of their families and empowering them economically and entering the labor market.

Empowering women to lead the community

The focus in the implementation of the project’s activities was on education through the establishment of literacy classes and the rehabilitation of women through a package of training courses and workshops through which male influencers in society were targeted, and thus advocacy committees were formed among them to advocate for women’s rights and enable them to lead in society

A project towards better economic opportunities for youth (Young Business Forum)

In the areas of entrepreneurship (project management - marketing - financial accounting and planning) and supporting them with income-generating projects that contribute to empowering them and improving the level of income for their families