The launch of the unconditional cash transfer project for 431 displaced and impoverished families in Al-Mukha.

On Wednesday, 21st of February 2024, the unconditional cash transfer project was launched in the city of Al-Mukha for 431 families among the most impoverished displaced families from the host community and displaced camps in the directorate. The event was attended by the Director General of the directorate, Sultan Mahmoud, and the Director of the Organizations Affairs Office in the West Coast, Dr. Adel Al-Masoudi."
Each family received an amount of 135,500 Yemeni riyals through the project, which is part of the response to the hunger crisis in Yemen, implemented by the Abs organization with support from the German "Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe" organization.
The project distributes cash assistance through eight distribution points in the directorate. The disbursement will be repeated for each family during the upcoming six distribution cycles. And due to the exchange rate difference and the value of the food basket, the organization has decided to add 90 new cases to be surveyed in the coming days.
This comes after the completion of the cash-for-work project, targeting 100 head-of-household capable of working.
The inauguration was attended by the Director of the Executive Unit, Mohammed Al-Masawi, the Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee in the Local Council, Osman Tahoush, the organization's coordinator Talal Al-Bahiry, and the project director Rashad Al-Jabzi.