The story of the success of Asmaa Bashir

Asmaa Bashir, a woman in her forties, supports eight children. On behalf of her husband, to bear the suffering of her children without a partner, she settled in the city of Abs to live in a room shared by 3 other families of her family. Another problem arose in the life of 40-year-old Asmaa, which is represented in the daily disputes between her children and the children of her relatives, and being the weakest among the family members, she became threatened with expulsion and sometimes killed because of disputes that she was not a party to, but because of the children. She grows up on a daily basis when the situation reached her with a threat to kill her, and one of the closest people to her, who is her brother, who was supposed to protect her and sympathize with her. The situation narrowed her down and the world darkened in her face, so she carried her children and went to the office of the director Maa frowned and entered to present her complaint “my brother wants to kill me” Asmaa recounted her story preceded by her tears and the crying of her children in one of the most severe tragedies that Asmaa lived as a lonely, poor woman whose bed was on the ground. She submitted a helping hand request to ADO, and immediately she was received by the follow-up and evaluation officer in the office of Abs, and she wrote down her data and submitted it to the concerned parties, so that after that they started building a bathroom and a nest, dispensing a sanitary bag, and providing tarpaulins to put a wall of protection for the house for her and her children, to shelter and protect her from the summer heat and the cold of winter., Asmaa moved with her children to her new home, raising her hands to the sky, she speaks in her devotional and innocent dialect (May God protect you and protect your children and relieve your worries as you relieved mine).